The Panasonic Bread Making Machines are the best

There are many models of bread makers, I hardly know all the brands. However, they all have pretty much the same characteristics. The only brand I trust is Panasonic. I started with the  Panasonic SD-ZB2502BXC, but I changed for a few months for the Panasonic sd-yd250 automatic bread maker, you can find out more about Panasonic bread makers easily enough.

Depending on the model, the tank will be larger or smaller. In general, you can make bread of 500g, 750g or 1kg (sometimes more). Personally, I always make bread of about 750g. The choice of weight only plays on the cooking time: The bigger the bread, the longer it will take to cook.

Most machines offer a tray under the lid that can accommodate seeds and other foods to be incorporated into the bread. The hatch opens automatically at a certain point in the program and allows you to combine the seeds all by yourself. Attention, you must know that you can not put everything in it, including herbs, tiny grains (poppy type), diced fresh fruit or chocolate chips (otherwise it melts!).

The bread with seeds in it, it’s super good, but know that they damage the coating of the tanks no matter whatever the model. Most tanks are equipped with a single pale; the larger ones have two. More and more machines now come equipped with cooking ventilation for better heat distribution and a crisp crust.

Other Points Of Note:

  • The programs that are offered to you: in general, white bread and wholemeal bread are the most used.
  • The delayed start: Useful if you programmed the machine in the morning before going to work and wants the bread done when you return from work.
  • The Keep Warm: Usually lasting 1 hour after the end of the program. If you can not remove the bread right away, know that it can get wet in the tub and loses its crispness.
  • The TH of the machine: it is super important information because it is what will determine the proportion of water/flour for your bread recipes. This is the Hydration Rate of your machine. In general, the TH of such machines is 60. However, it is good to check in order to not make mistakes later. To know it, it’s straightforward. Take the recipe for white bread in the recipe booklet sold with the machine and make the following calculation: Amount of water (in ml or in g) / Quantity of flour (in g) x 100. For a TH60 machine, it will take 300ml of water and 500g of flour.


Panasonic bread makers have always been one of the best bread makers in the industry. Their quality bread machines and uniqueness can’t go unnoticed. It’s a proof they have been long in the business and really understands the needs of their customers. Which best Panasonic bread machine suits you? Let’s have your thoughts.