Some Great Places to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Orange County California

If you are looking the Valentines day ideas Orange County California, you have come to the right place. The day of love is two months away, but it is not wrong to look up some ideas to celebrate the day with someone special.

When it comes to Orange County California, you will have tons of ideas to choose like exotic dancers spicing up your special night. It is the place for various attractions across the county. You can get literally almost anything here. From the romantic dinner, cruises to spend the best time for the brunch. Or perhaps you and your lover are connoisseurs. Orange County also has top of wineries to visit. So, what are the Valentines day ideas Orange County California? Look at our ideas below.

The wine and dinner are always interesting to do when it comes to the special day. If you are tagging along your special person, you could get on the luxurious yacht to enjoy the unforgettable moments offered by the Orange County. The most popular cruises in the state named as Newport Beach Valentine’s Cruises that are also known for having Orange county strippers put on a burlesque show. This is also a great way to celebrate the special romantic night out. Departure time is varied from the afternoon 4 pm to at max. 11.30 PM. Enjoy the beautiful Newport Bay with the jaw-dropping views in the surrounding. Depending on which cruise you choose, you will likely get the complimentary drink, as well as the entertainment, ranges from dance, music, etc.

Have you ever celebrated the romantic day on the Hot Air Balloon Ride? If you want to enjoy the Orange County California from above, why not try the Great Park Balloon? It is located in the Irvine Great Park. you will get the chance to get outside and enjoy the county in the 360-degree view from the 4000 feet up. Be ready to be thrilled and excited at the same time. You and your partner can jump into the hot air balloon at Irvine’s Great Park. Once the balloon reaches to the top, you will be able to enjoy such spectacular and distinct views. The visibility is even wider and broader than helicopter tour. It is very ideal for Valentine’s Day. Or, perhaps you are planning to propose your girlfriend in the hot air balloon ride? Wait until it reaches to the top and show the love to her.

Orange County beaches are also popular places to visit for the romantic day. Waterfront Stroll can be added into one of your Valentines day ideas Orange County California. The attractive waterfront stroll offers the miles of pristine beaches. Why not take your partner on a perfect sunset stroll in the Valentine’s? Consider few interesting places like Laguna Beach, the Huntington Beach Pier, and other perfect spots to visit. Book the nearby restaurant, and have a romantic dinner together. You will treasure this memory forever.