Alibaba launches new sales channels in Singapore and Malaysia

Alibaba is one of the most talked about forces in e-commerce today, quickly establishing itself as one of the “go to” solutions for customers that want to purchase products at wholesale prices directly from manufacturers based in Asia.

Originally started off as a marketplace for drop shippers and small time producers looking for goods to have manufactured at spec or to purchase products already designed at inexpensive prices they could then sell at a higher markup, Alibaba has transformed into something else entirely and today is one of the most powerful e-commerce platforms around.

The growth plan for this company has been exponential, with the chairman of the organization telling their group that they anticipate having 2 billion customers within the next 10 years – up from already having 450 million active customers using the platform on a regular basis today.

The new sales channels that are launching in Malaysia and Singapore will help this Chinese based company to establish faster rates of growth throughout Southeast Asia, all while helping them to spread their true global wholesale e-commerce mission across the planet.

Alibaba has become one of the most dominant forces in wholesale e-commerce

As we highlighted above, the Ali Baba organization has grown up right before our very eyes to become one of the most powerful and influential forces in wholesale e-commerce. Not your traditional online retailer in the way that Amazon is, customer shopping Alibaba are going to have the opportunity to purchase wholesale merchandise directly from the manufacturer – often in bulk quantities – to cut out the middleman completely.

This has put a lot of downward pressure on sales prices for merchandise manufactured in Asia while opening up new markets all over the world that wouldn’t have existed otherwise. Alibaba is a true disruptor, and they continue to push forward with a very aggressive growth plan going forward.

Alibaba has committed to invest at least $1 billion in southeast Asian retailers

Alibaba and their board have already committed to invest at least $1 million in southeast Asian channels and retailers, launching new services designed to improve sales throughout Southeast Asia.

While their main business continues to be conducted in China – and aimed at Chinese citizens – Alibaba has really started to expand outwards from their center. Customers in the West are starting to purchase more and more products from this company (usually in an effort to build their own businesses with these wholesale prices), but those throughout Southeast Asia are also finding it advantageous to cut out the middleman that stands between the manufacturer and the customer to save a considerable amount of money – especially on luxury purchases.

New sales channels are designed for the nearly 100 million Chinese citizens living overseas

At the end of the day, the leadership that Alibaba has stated that these new sales channels are designed to help them capture as much of the shopping of the nearly 100 million Chinese citizens living overseas.

The new channels in Malaysia and Singapore will help them do exactly that and it will be interesting to see how they push forward from here!

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