5 Types of Winter Jackets that Every Man must Own this Winter

The best thing about a jacket is that not only does it keep you warm and comfortable but it does add up to your style quotient to a large extent. As soon as October begins every man start gathering their jacket collection and then look for newer jackets to buy and hence use. The usage continues until April. Now from the styling point of view, there are many jackets that a man can own. It actually depends on his own sense of style and body language. But if we were to generalise winter jackets on the basis of their utility then we can mention five jacket types that are totally indispensable for a man. He needs each one for a specific occasion.

Here are the top five types of winter jacket that every man requires to keep their winter game as strong as possible.

  1. The woollen overcoat

It is one of the essential pieces of winter clothing a man’s wardrobe must possess. It can be used for a lot of occasions such as Christmas gatherings with friends and family or dates in the city with your lover or even while hanging out with your friends. The best thing about a wool overcoat is its versatility. It manages to work wonders with almost every colour inside your closet, especially with black, navy and grey. The length of the overcoat is one thing that you need to be careful with. It must match your body type and sensibilities accurately. All in all, it is the best winter essential for a man’s wardrobe.

  1. The Bomber jacket

Relatively new to the world of fashion yet highly useful in making a style statement is the bomber jacket. Some may say that it is quite an alternative to the leather jacket and they would say rightly. Most people use it as a backup option when they desire a sleeker look than the rugged look of the leather jacket. The urban mystique it provides to the men wearing it is just what young men of today desire from their winter wear.

  1. The leather jacket

Okay, you have to give sufficient credit to Marlon Brando for epitomising the leather jacket look in the Movie “the wild one”, and since then it has been quite the timeless classic in men’s winter jacket wardrobe. It is true that it has had its own share of falling in and out of fashion yet it manages to make its way through to every man’s jacket collection, or it should. The best thing about a leather jacket is the aesthetics that it manages to create which automatically projects rock-n-roll vibes within the wearer and boosts his confidence immensely yet keeps him down to earth demeanour intact. Most importantly these leather jackets are on flat 40% discount at Deal Voucherz.

  1. The Jeans Jacket

The Jeans jacket has also garnered a reputation for a genuine classic, yet it is less classical than the leather jacket. The denim was thankfully revived by the American Eagle, and since then it has become a necessity nonetheless. It reminds the wearer and the people of the punk rock style and also provides a sharp contrast when you wear a darker shade of denim with a light-coloured chino. A great on the top is hence created all the while managing a colourful pop at the bottom. The lumberjack aesthetic look which is very important for the present day young generation is easily achieved with the help of a jeans jacket.

  1. The running jacket

More than the sense of style the running jacket is an all essential winter wear for men because of its practical use. Running is something that most men associate themselves with and more so during winter. It is one of the most beneficial sporting activities a man can be involved in apart from swimming. Therefore, it is quite elementary why any man must possess a running jacket in his wardrobe and wear it during the entire winter and jog all the fat out. The jacket should be a light one and sleek enough to keep your body comfortable while you are running. The elegant structure will also be essential in keeping the core heat of the body intact as well as keeping the jacket breathable. A must-have for every man’s winter wardrobe.

Conclusion: A man’s winter wardrobe must be both functional and stylish. Keeping that in mind one must keep the above winter jackets handy so that they never feel that they are quite far behind in the jacket game.